Podcast & test

I ran another podcast to try out a media hosting service called OurMedia which is connected to Archive.org. I’m testing to see how well the file holds up on their servers and how well the experience is with them.

Give the podcast a listen, then leave me a comment telling me how well the download went and if you had any problems.


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  1. SwiftJustice on February 3, 2006 at 1:56 pm


    (scroll down to “Chino” video)

    I’ve managed to enhance a cleaner, longer video
    of the Iraq veteran being shot with better audio. I am forced to amend my previous comment. This is a clear case of attempted murder. The cop did not panic; he calmly ordered the airman to get up and shot him with absolutely no justification. Considering the cops record, his tone of voice when he asked his victim to stand and the angry abuse he voiced toward the other victim after cold bloodedly shooting an unarmed suspect, I’ve come to the conclusion to trust my own eyes and not a biased bunch of jackasses months after the fact. This animal with a badge and a gun should have his record reviewed because there is no way hell this killer belongs on any police force. He should be fired and face charges of attempted murder as soon as possible.

    (the link I submitted isnt the video I examined (will post momentarily) this is better than most and will give you an idea of the open and shut case against this murderous nutcase)