Setup a custom Web Search with Alfred


I work at a church and I’m constantly looking up bible verses on my Macs (and iOS devices too). On the Mac I’ve been using this tool called Alfred which is a Spotlight replacement tool for searching your mac. But it does more… so much more than that. You see, Alfred is also a workflow…

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Video recording how I record a WordPress meetups


Tomorrow I’ll be documenting with video how I go about recording the meetups I attend over at OC WordPress. I’ll be doing this using my Google Glass and will go step by step about how I end up recording our meetups. I hope to show the various steps and places that need some improvement. I…

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Showcasing all that you do in one place isn’t easy


So I applied a new theme to this website today in hopes that I can get things looking halfway decent. You see I’ve had this domain and my old domain for quite a while and it’s changed look and feel a lot over the years. Whenever I’d lose my job and I started looking…

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Black Friday list from an IT Guy


Black Friday tips from an IT Guy. I’ve had so many people ask me for my opinion on what tech to buy so here is my list: I like Apple. Buy a MacBook. You don’t like Apple or it’s too expensive? We use Lenovo at my work too, get something with Windows 8.1 and at…

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