DMC-G7 Firmware v2.0 adds Post Focus feature


I love when new features get added to existing product. Version 2.0 of my Panasonic DMC-G7 to include a Post Focus feature. How does this work? Their firmware update docs describe this feature as: The camera can do Burst recording in the same picture quality as 4K photo recording while automatically shifting the focus to different…

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Setup a custom Web Search with Alfred


I work at a church and I’m constantly looking up bible verses on my Macs (and iOS devices too). On the Mac I’ve been using this tool called Alfred which is a Spotlight replacement tool for searching your mac. But it does more… so much more than that. You see, Alfred is also a workflow…

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Video recording how I record a WordPress meetups


Tomorrow I’ll be documenting with video how I go about recording the meetups I attend over at OC WordPress. I’ll be doing this using my Google Glass and will go step by step about how I end up recording our meetups. I hope to show the various steps and places that need some improvement. I…

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Showcasing all that you do in one place isn’t easy


So I applied a new theme to this website today in hopes that I can get things looking halfway decent. You see I’ve had this domain and my old domain for quite a while and it’s changed look and feel a lot over the years. Whenever I’d lose my job and I started looking…

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